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Article/Chapter Progress
Introduction to HTML
What is HTML?
100% complete
The Structure of HTML
100% complete
Your First Webpage
100% complete
HTML Basics
Block & Inline elements
100% complete
100% complete
100% complete
Id's & Classes
100% complete
100% complete
100% complete
100% complete
Italic & Bold or Strong & Emphasize
43% complete
100% complete
Introduction to Forms
79% complete
Creating Your First Form Not started
Grouping with the fieldset tag Not started
Sending the Data Not started
Multiline Textboxes - The textarea tag Not started
Radiobuttons Not started
100% complete
Submit & Reset Buttons Not started
Dropdown Lists Not started
Basics of Tables
99% complete
Colspan & Rowspan
100% complete
Thead & tbody
100% complete
Changing Column Width Not started
Getting Ready for HTML5
Using HTML5 today Not started
Checking browser support Not started
Using polyfills to support HTML5 Not started
Semantic HTML5 section tags
Introduction to Semantic HTML5 elements Not started
The article tag Not started
The header tag Not started
The hgroup tag Not started
The footer tag Not started
The navigation tag Not started
The section tag Not started
The aside tag Not started
The address tag Not started
Form validation using HTML5
Form validation using HTML5 Not started
How HTML5 validation works Not started
Validating email addresses Not started
Validating URLs Not started
Validating phone numbers Not started
Validating dates Not started
Placeholder text Not started
Numbers as spinboxes Not started
Polyfills for form validation Not started