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HTML Basics:


标题用 <h1> 到 <h6> 元素定义,<h1> 是页面上最重要的标题。


<h1>This is a H1-heading</h1>
<h3>This is a H3-heading</h3>
<h6>This is a H6-heading</h6>


下面是如何使用不同标题的示例。标题用于概述页面 - 以下 HTML 将创建此页面结构:

  1. 介绍
  2. 返回二级标题
  3. 最后 2 级标题
<!DOCTYPE html>
	<title>Your first HTML5 Document</title>
		<p>Okay, now we’re going somewhere! This is the first paragraph of the page.</p>
	<h2>The less important heading</h2>
		<p>This is the second paragraph and it is right below a h2-heading</p>
	<h3>My 3rd level heading</h3>
		<p>Just another paragraph </p>
	<h2>Back to 2nd level headings</h2>
	<h2>The last 2nd level heading</h2>

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